3 Simple Stash-In-Your-Bag Games

3 Simple Stash-In-Your-Bag Games

Sometimes you need a little magic to pull out of your bag when there is time to kill and kids who hate waiting. Each of these games is simple to learn, simple to play, small enough to tuck in a bag, and take up minimal table space— win, win, win, win!

Silver & Gold Board Game

Silver & Gold

Another Phil Walker-Harding game win in our home! This one is simple, relaxing, but also highly addictive. Mark X's down in the right configurations to close out island cards and hit the right bonuses. Dry erase cards + markers, so you can play again and again. 

Ages 8+ (5+ IMO). Competitive. 2-4 players. 20 minutes.

Trio Card Game


I'm so glad I grab this one when I did. It sold out fast and just recently restocked. Great for a wide variety of ages, has a deduction vibe, and teaches highest and lowest numbers. Reveal two cards – either from the middle, or by asking any player for their lowest or highest card. Found a match? You get to keep going. Get three of a kind and collect the trio. A quick play in 15 minutes will have you playing another round (and probably another one after that). 

Ages 8+ (5+ IMO). Competitive. 3-6 players. 15 minutes. 


kluster magnetic game


Take turns getting rid of your magnets by placing them inside the circle of battle without letting the magnets connect, or ‘Kluster’. Get rid of all your magnets first and you’re the winner! The clicking sound is very satisfying as well as the sweat-inducing placement of your magnets in precarious areas of the playing field. 

Ages 14+. (5+ IMO -- recommend age due to magnets which you DO need to be very careful with when playing with younger children. We have a strict "magnets-need-to-be-on-the-table" rule and I stash the game out of reach of littles when done) Competitive. 1-4 players. 15 minutes.  


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