Easter Basket Gift Guide

Easter Basket Gift Guide

Easter is almost here, and it's the perfect time to start thinking about what to put in your little ones' Easter baskets. I don't know about you, but I've definitely fallen into the trap of filling my kids' baskets with too much candy and cheap toys in the past. This year, I'm hoping to do things a little differently and invest in items that my kids will truly love and cherish for a long time. After all, investing in our kids' passions and interests is a great way to help them grow.

That's why I've put together four Easter basket gift lists for kids who are passionate about nature, books, writing, and art. These lists are chock-full of awesome gift ideas that will keep your kiddos engaged and excited for months to come.

Whether your little one is a nature lover or an aspiring artist, there's something on these lists.

Easter basket ideas for nature kids lover

Nature Lover Gift List:

1. Underwater Viewer
2. Waterproof Notebook
3. The Brook Book by Jim Arnosky
4. Outdoor Aquarium
5. Fishing Net
6. Bug Viewer
7. Multi-purpose Optical Pocket Tool
8. Floriferous Card Game
9. Twig Colored Pencils
10. Cling Thermometer
11. Mesh Bags
12. Bird Life List & Field Diary
Bookworm gift list guid Easter basket

Book Worm Gift List:

1. Reading Light
2. Mini Yoto Player
3. Book Darts
4. Wacky Bookmarks
5. 100 Kids Books Scratch-Off Poster
6. Elephant and Piggie Mini Tote
7. Personal Library Kit
8. Kids Reading Journal
9. My Shelfie Board Game


Budding writer gift list kids writer


Budding Writer Gift List: 

1. Pilot Precise V5 Pens
2. Usborne Write Your Own Story Book
3. Usborne Creative Writing Book
4. Typewriter Keyboard
5. Feather Pen & Ink Set
6. Lined Journal
7. White Out Correction Tape
8. Latte Pencil Pouch and Cup
9. Story Cube Dice Game
10. Washi Tape

Budding artist gift list Easter basket

Aspiring Artist Gift List:

1. Watercolor Journals
2. Water Brush Pen Set 
3. Pocket Watercolor Paint Set
4. Prismacolor Colored Pencils
5. Graphite Sketch Pencil Set
6. Lyra Watersoluble Crayon Set
7. Waterproof Fine Liner Ink Pens
8. Mini Hot Air Gun
9. Pencil Pouch
10. Fake Artist Goes to New York
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