Homeschool Planning for Story-Craving Minds

Homeschool Planning for Story-Craving Minds

Did you know, based on insights from Jennifer Aaker, a renowned behavioral scientist, author, and Stanford University professor, that stories are retained up to 22 times more effectively than mere facts?

Stories not only help us recall details but also immerse our brains in a firsthand experience. This immersive effect is achieved by stories triggering our sensory cortex, creating a vivid mental engagement that simulates real experiences.

Our brains are ALSO naturally adept at recognizing patterns. When we engage with stories, our brains organize the information into coherent plots, enhancing our ability to absorb and remember the content for future reference. 🤯

So you may be does this relate to homeschooling?

I think you might know where this is going.

I just love it when science backs up exactly what we homeschool moms already know—that read-alouds are a goldmine of learning.

What would it look like if we took advantage of this?

What if we centered our homeschool curriculum around read-alouds?

Perhaps you're like me, and you need to ask yourself what is the driving focus behind your homeschool plans.

Are they expectations?

Expectations of others? Society? The educational philosophy that you aren't 100% sold on?

Or maybe a reaction?

A reaction to that one horror story your friend told you about at the park of a homeschool family that failed their children?

Maybe instead of listening to all the outside opinions and voices that slowly filter in as the year goes by, we settle into the facts we know to be true. Our kids absorb, delight in, and remember much more from the stories we read.

So, if choosing books to read aloud to your family offers a firsthand, memorable experience that will stay with them long after, why don't we just plan our year around read-alouds?

I mean we could opt to study a textbook on the California Gold Rush and surely forget much of the content soon after. Or, we could read (and laugh) our way through By the Great Horn Spoon! and feel fully immersed in the historical event.

By building lasting memories around stories, our children will gain a deeper understanding of history, science, geography, art, culture, and language beyond rote memorization for exams.

So, is this year you go all-in on read-alouds?

I don't think you will regret it. I never have. In fact, I think you might find yourself feeling fulfilled and joyful after a school year filled with beautiful stories.

At Bookish Adventures, I curate book guides to help you dive deep into the topics found in your read-alouds. My aim is to enrich the immersive experience from stories with guided activities, picture books, videos, podcasts, and more.

So, if you need help planning your year around delightful books with interesting topics, download your free Bookish Adventure Planning Guide here.

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