Simplifying Homeschool Planning

Simplifying Homeschool Planning

Amidst the hustle of homeschool planning, as the current school year winds down, the task of selecting the perfect curriculum for the upcoming year looms. But can any curriculum truly address all our homeschooling challenges? The reality is, no single curriculum can solve all our problems.
Let's break free from the conventional planning methods and explore a simpler approach.
What remains consistent amidst the ever-changing educational approaches within your home? If you’re like me, you’ve tried them all. I have daydreamed about Montessori solving all my problems-- or maybe Classical? Charlotte Mason must be the answer-- or perhaps unschooling? I’d wager that at least one thing has remained consistent in our homes.
Read alouds.
For many of us, reading aloud holds significant value in our homes. This daily practice serves as a consistent thread woven through our daily rhythms. Imagine shaping your curriculum around this central activity, the one that binds your family together – something you are already doing.
What if we tailored our approach to our children's personal interests rather than adhering strictly to a predetermined sequence of subjects? Consider choosing read-alouds that align with their passions. Children are naturally drawn to topics that interest them, requiring minimal “buy-in”.
This approach could lead to something special.

A well-told story can teach a multitude of subjects. This perspective guided me to streamline our homeschooling efforts and delve deeply into our read-alouds. This exploration enhanced our comprehension not only of the stories but also of the world around us.
We were introduced to caves, maps, and cryptids through Big Foot and Little Foot.

Our knowledge of Sri Lanka, cinnamon, and Asian elephants expanded with The Girl Who Stole an Elephant.

Exploring Duet broadened our understanding of Chopin, goldfinches, and Delacroix.
These read-alouds either unveiled new worlds or provided in-depth insights into familiar topics, offering a blend of science, history, geography, math, beautiful language, and art within their pages.
Would you like to join me in embracing a gentle and cohesive homeschooling approach this year? Would you like to simplify your homeschool planning?
Instead of piling on more resources, let's opt for a more focused approach. Let's delve deeper into subjects rather than spreading ourselves thin. Rather than separate curricula for each subject, let's consolidate into one comprehensive study.
By picking up a book and a Bookish Adventure Guide, you can embark on a homeschooling journey that feels not only manageable but also thrilling and enriching with each new read.
If this sounds like a good fit for your family considered join me on June 6 for our book reveal for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year! Click here to join the Launch Day list.  
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