Water & Wind Friendly Games

Water & Wind Friendly Games

We adore beach and lakeside game sessions, but battling the wind and water can turn into a disaster! Cards flying away like they're late for a meeting, a soggy kiddo presenting a seashell show-and-tell, and game pieces getting a surprise water bath. Fear not! I've whipped up a list of games that can handle the elements, making your beach, pool, or lake day a splash-tacular success!


Hive Pocket

We've dubbed this game "Bug Chess" - a buzz-worthy battle to trap your enemy's queen bee while defending your own hive! With tiles featuring 5 insects, each with its own unique moves, this game is insanely addictive! It's our go-to for a quick strategy fix that's perfect for gaming on the go.


 Cinco Linko

Cinco Linko is the ultimate globetrotter of games, ready to entertain anyone, anywhere, clip it to any bag and you're ready to go! Grab your colorful tiles, take turns placing them on the table, and sprint to line up five before the rest. Run out of tiles? You can rearrange your tiles one by one. Cinco Linko so simple yet so full of fun and you don't have to worry about wind or water!


Snip! Snap!

If you've got a history with Spoons and Egyptian Rat Screw, then Snip Snap is here to whisk you back to those heart-pounding, seat-edge moments! With colorful dice in hand, players race to match them up with their rivals. But wait, don't forget to shout "snip, snap" and snatch those dice lightning-fast!



Chicken is a quick 10-minute game that you can't play just once! Snappy turns as you roll dice to collect chickens, hatch more dice, and avoid pesky foxes. Press your (c)luck and don’t chicken out! This is a game great for all ages, plus the dice and cloth board make them perfect for windy and wet days.

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