WITL - January 26, 2024

WITL - January 26, 2024

At the beginning of this week we enjoyed playing games on Sunday, the last of the snow before it melted later in the week, and the warmer weather ushered in more walks around our neighborhood. 


Our Homeschool Resources

January's Book: Just Beyond the Very, Very Far North
January's Theme: Arctic hares, Arctic foxes, caribou, and snowflakes through Just Beyond the Very, Very Far North Bookish Adventure Guide
Morning Basket: Our morning basket is the first thing we do each school morning. Inside our basket, I have tucked resources that we read, recite, and memorize.
Individual Studies: A few times a week I spend one-on-one time with each of my kids focusing on their skill-depending topics (math, reading, writing, etc). Here are the resources we use:
Extracurriculars: Science experiments with our Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab, family walks, a trip to the game store to play games with our friends, and a playdate. 
Bed Time Read Aloud: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (The Illustrated Edition)

Our Dinners

Saturday - Burritos 
Sunday - MYO Pizza 
Monday - Short rib ragu over gluten free fettuccine, garlic bread, salad
Tuesday IP Pot Roast, carrots, onions, baked potatoes, green beans, and gravy
Wednesday - Old Bay Chicken Wings, fries, veggies
Thursday - Red Curry Noodles with Shrimp
Friday - Rotisserie chicken, waffle fries, broccoli 

Book Corner

For the first time ever my reading goal is to read LESS books. Instead of spending the year going from book to book, I want to spend this year re-reading books. Re-reading books helps us become better readers, deepens our understanding, and is comforting and enjoyable. 
Unsouled: I finished this 12-book fantasy series last week and I'm starting over at the beginning for a cozy re-read. I'm already getting more out of it (not reading for plot) and I understand the world and how things work. (Available for free on KindleUnlimited)
The Enchanted Hour:  If you need motivation for reading aloud to your children this is the book for you. Filled with scientific studies and beautiful prose this book is inspirational. 
The Open-Air Life: This is the perfect next read for There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather. It will convince you to get outside and let time in nature improve your life. 

Empire of Pain: This is a re-read for me as well, as I am leading my book club's discussion next month and wanted to refresh my memory on this fantastic and horrifying read. 

This Week's Favorites

Boody Bamboo Full Brief Underwear - This is by far my favorite everyday, casual underwear. I have a strong resistance to wear anything that is remotely uncomfortable, even if it looks nice on me. These undies are super soft, comfortable, and have a barely-there feeling. 
Short-Sleeve Bodysuit (not thongs!) - I've been hesitant on buying bodysuits because as I mentioned above I hate uncomfortable things and it seemed like most bodysuits come in thongs. This set comes in 5 amazing colors, is not a thong style, and is super soft. 
Thank Me Later Blurring Primer This primer is dreamy and creamy. I always put it under my foundation and it works like a charm! A little goes a long way, plus it is SPF 30!
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