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Bookish Adventure

Just Beyond the Very, Very Far North

Just Beyond the Very, Very Far North

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Join Duane and his friends (and some new friends) on more whimsical adventures in the Very, Very Far North. But beware, a less-than-friendly visitor arrives to sneak, shove, and shake things up. Duane and the others might discover that life isn't always as peaceful as a mid-late-afternoon nap. Fortunately, they know that change is as much a part of life as picnics, Tuesdays, and cozy stories shared among friends.

In this guide, we will explore arctic hares, Arctic foxes, caribou, and snowflakes. 

This Bookish Adventure is a monthly guide that explores rabbit trails into science, math, history, geography, language arts, cuisine, handicrafts, art, and games from a read-aloud chapter book. 

 Recommended for 7-10 year olds. 

Included in this guide:

  • How to Use This Guide
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Guide
  • Monthly Review for planning a peaceful homeschool
  • Activities Planning Guide
  • Flex Days & Book Party Ideas Guide
  • Book List Menu
  • Morning Basket Book List
  • Printable Poem
  • Weekly Plans
  • Activities & Projects (science & math, history & geography, language arts, arts & crafts, fun & games)
  • Videos List
  • Podcast List
  • Recipe & Food Ideas
  • Anatomy of a Snowflake Print
  • Arctic Animal Print

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