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Bookish Adventure

Ra the Mighty Cat Detective

Ra the Mighty Cat Detective

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Join us as we sneak around with Ra, Khepri, and Miu on their daring adventure to solve a mystery and save the life of a servant girl in Ancient Egypt. Get ready to eat snacks, escape the deadly paws of Aat, meet suspicious people, and witness mysterious happenings in Pharaoh's court.

In this guide, we will explore dung beetles, Egyptian cats, the Eye of Horus, and Ancient Egypt.

This Bookish Adventure is a monthly guide that explores rabbit trails into science, math, history, geography, language arts, cuisine, handicrafts, art, and games from a read-aloud chapter book. 

Recommended for 7-10 year olds. 

Included in this guide:

  • How to Use This Guide
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Guide
  • Monthly Review for planning a peaceful homeschool
  • Activities Planning Guide
  • Flex Days & Book Party Ideas Guide
  • Booklist Menu
  • Morning Basket List
  • Printable Poem
  • Weekly Plans
  • Activities & Projects (science & math, history & geography, language arts, arts & crafts, fun & games)
  • Videos List
  • Podcast List
  • Recipe & Food Ideas
  • Anatomy of a Dung Beetle Print


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