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Bookish Adventure

The Nerviest Girl in the World

The Nerviest Girl in the World

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Join Pearl on her ranch, where her chores include collecting eggs and feeding ornery ostriches. She has three older brothers, and one day, Pearl's brothers land roles as stunt performers in a new type of entertainment called "moving pictures" as the Death-Defying Cowboy Trio known as the Daredevil Donnelly Brothers. In an unexpected turn, Pearl also finds herself becoming a stunt performer, aspiring to be a star. The only hitch is that her mother is unaware of her activities, and discovering that Pearl has been leaping out of burning buildings in her free time would not sit well with her.

In this guide, we will explore the wild west and moving pictures.

Please note that topics of preorders may vary slightly or change as this guide is created.

This Bookish Adventure is a monthly guide that explores rabbit trails into science, math, history, geography, cuisine, handicrafts, art, and games from a read-aloud chapter book. This guide also includes a monthly writing project! 

Recommended for 11-12 year olds. 

Included in this guide:

  • How to Use This Guide
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Guide
  • Monthly Review for planning a peaceful homeschool
  • Activities Planning Guide
  • Flex Days & Book Party Ideas Guide
  • Book List Menu
  • Morning Basket Book List
  • Printable Poem
  • Weekly Plans
  • Writing Project
  • Activities & Projects (science & math, history & geography, arts & crafts, fun & games)
  • Videos List
  • Podcast List
  • Recipe & Food Ideas
  • Art Prints

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